A Theory about Maia from Target of Desire (Maia dreaming)

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A Theory about Maia from Target of Desire (Maia dreaming)

Post by Osgoode Media on Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:58 pm


Maia seems to always be sleeping or waking up from a dream.

In the beginning of Episode 1, Maia is laying on the ground in an empty warehouse, when she is disturbed by the men in suits.

Later in the episode, she is blindfolded by a large man, and she ends up in a room with a wise man. After talking to Maia, the wise man apologizes to Maia before the large man carries her body away.

Then she wakes up laying in the grass in a place that Maria calls “outside of the psychiatric hospital.” After being brought to safety by Maria, Maia falls asleep on Maria’s sofa.

Was Maia dreaming from the time she woke up in the warehouse to the time she woke up in the grass? Was her encounters with the men in suits only a dream?

Or was that the reality and her time with Maria was the dream?

Or was none of it a dream?

As Maria says, “something to ponder.”
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